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John enjoys gaming of all sorts, though word games and trivia are his favorites. Scrabble is his favorite word game, of course. It has been since his grandmother introduced him to the game several decades ago. Word games not only provide fun and entertainment, but they also help a young person build knowledge.

Scrabble wasn't always his favorite board game, though. Strategy games were John's favorite in his teen years and early adulthood, but top notch strategy simulations tend to require a major commitment of time, so that part of his board game fascination is more or less a thing of the past. Abstract strategy games and resource allocation games remain fascinating to him.

With the proliferation of card games these past 20 years, John has tried to play as many of these titles as possible. To the surprise of some, he prefers deck building games like Dominion to collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering. He's also written extensively about casino games, but in those he tries to teach players about mathematics, probability, and the house edge a gaming establishment has over its patrons.

For physical activity, John enjoys hiking, snow skiing, and playing baseball and racquetball. Time is limited these days to enjoy such activities, so he lift weights and does cardio at the nearest gym to stay in shape. His favorite part of the gym visit is the sauna, though. John speaks of taking up tai chi or yoga, but that never seems to happen.

As a sports viewer, he enjoys watching the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys, though he hopes other NFL fans don't hold that latter admission against him. He's written extensively about fantasy sports on sites like fantasyfootballtips.org.

On the work side of things, John Clifton is an online writer. He wrote for AskDeb.com as an advice expert, focusing on information technology, personal finance, and relationship issues. Since leaving AskDeb, John has continued writing on the subject of personal finance.

He's collaborated with Mario Hayes to help educate people on the subject of financial literacy. He's also worked on his personal website, which includes the No Credit Needed Blog, which provides advice on dealing with financial troubles. Favorite subjects in this arena include how to live with bad credit, how to get rid of crushing debt, and how to save for retirement. John's personal cause in the economic sphere is personal finance education for children, which he believes should be a part of the basic education for any 21st century American.

John Clifton is an alumnus of the University of North Texas and maintains a network of friends from those days. When offline, he prefers to spend quite time with friends and family, sing a little karaoke, and travel. To follow John Clifton on Twitter, go to https://twitter.com/johncliftonask.

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