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Privacy Policy

Some people might want to contact me regarding the privacy policy for the site. Please read the below before contacting me regarding this--it should answer all your questions.

I don't collect any data on this site other than email addresses for the online how to win at Scrabble course. I don't sell email addresses or send out unsolicited email, and the functionality for the e-course is a double-opt-in, so it would be impossible to receive any spam from me or my site.

I also get some information via Google Analytics, but none of it is personally identifiable or usable in any way.

The site uses cookies. This is standard operating procedure for most websites. You can turn cookies off if you don't like them. Also, you can opt out of the "DART" cookie using the instructions here.

The site also uses Google Adsense to pick advertisers for the site. Google collects certain information in order to serve more relevant advertising to you. You can read about what info they collect here.


If you're a webmaster, please know that I'm not interested in link schemes of any kind. I won't exchange links with you, I won't sell you links, and I'm not interested in hosting your guest post. Emails asking about these things will be deleted without a reply.


I'm not hiring, sorry.


The easiest way to advertise on this site is to sign up for Google Adwords and buy advertising here. But you can contact me directly if you prefer. Any advertising you buy will have a 'rel="nofollow"' tag attached to it.

Press Inquiries

I love talking to the press. If you're from the press, I look forward to answering your questions. Please get in touch soon, in fact.


Before you ask, you do NOT have permission to reprint any of the content on this site on your own site, in the book you're writing, or anywhere else. Don't even bother to ask unless you want to buy the site outright.

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