Using Blank Tiles in Scrabble

Using Blank Tiles in Scrabble

When you master how to use a blank tile in Scrabble, you can use blanks to score especially high point totals. A blank tile has no value in and of itself when playing Scrabble, but blank letter tiles give you flexibility in the type of words you can place on the board. For that reason, blank tiles are highly coveted in Scrabble, though rare (2 blanks per game).

Blank Tiles Equal Any Letter in the Alphabet

Remember that a blank tile can represent any letter in the English alphabet. Once played, though the blank tile is essentially like whatever letter it was originally played as. So if someone plays the blank as the “Z” in “Q-U-A-R-T-Z”, then if you play off quartz, you’ll need to build off the blank tile as if it was any other “z” on the board. Remember this tile is still worth no point value.

Play All 7 Letter Tiles

When playing the blank letter tiles, try to think of all the various possibilities for building longer words. If you the blank tile is what you need to fill out a 7 or 8 letter word, then by all means take the opportunity to get rid of all your letter tiles at once. Remember, if you play all 7 letter tiles off your letter rack at once, you gain an extra +50 point bonus. So it’s worth putting your letter tiles in an order and see if you only need one letter to complete a word.

Add an S to a Big Word

One of the big cop-outs in Scrabble is to add an “S” to a word that’s already on the board. This works for longer words and words with a lot of high point value letters. Remember that the blank tile has no point value, while building off a word that has already been played over a double and triple modifier space does not give the 2x and 3x point values.

Still, if the S gives you a nice total towards the end of the game, this might still be your best option. And if your blank tile is played onto a double word or triple word score, you get the benefit of the modifier, despite the fact that the blank tile is worth no points itself.

Using a Blank To Replace Low Value Letters

Blank Scrabble TilesSince you don’t get the point value of the letter the blank tile represents, it’s just as good to play a blank as a 1-point letter as a 10-point letter. In fact, if you have several big point letters on your letter rack, consider using the blank as a common letter, in order to facilitate getting those big point tiles on the Scrabble board.

Using the Blank Tile for High Scrabble Scores

Studying how to use a blank tile in Scrabble can increase you Scrabble scores, since you maximize the opportunity given to you when you drew the blank tile. Try not to waste the blank on just any word, since the possibilities are so great. Pray you get two blank scores, since this should give you every opportunity of playing all seven letter tiles at once.

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