How to Play Scrabble Cards

Scrabble Cards is a card game and word game for 2 to 6 players, using a deck of 110 word cards in place of the board and letter tiles of classic Scrabble. Learning how to play Scrabble Cards takes a few minutes and the rules can be picked up immediately by anyone who has ever placed Hasbro’s famous boardgame, Scrabble.

Scrabble Cards Game Setup

Each Scrabble Cards set has 74 “letter cards”, 32 “premium score cards” or multipliers and 4 “wild cards”, which should be new to those Scrabble players out there. These will be use in place of the conventional letter tiles, double letter, triple letter, double word and triple word squares on a Scrabble board.

Scrabble CardsGet a group of players. You can play Card Scrabble with as few as 2 and all the way up to 6 players.

Shuffle all the 110 cards together. Then have one person pass out one card apiece for each player in a clockwise pattern. Like in drawing from the bonepile in Scrabble, the person with the card closest to the letter “A” gets to go first. After this is done, take all the dealt cards back and reshuffle them into your card deck.

Deal the Cards

One you have the deck reshuffled, pass out the cards once again in a clockwise fashion, dealing 1 to each player, then a second card to each player, then a third card and so on, until every player has 7 Scrabble cards.

Scrabble Card Draw – Three Card Redraw

Like in 5-card draw, people in Scrabble Cards have the option for one redraw, in this case of up to 3 cards. For every card redrawn, you must first take a card out of your hand. The person to the left of the dealer gets to redraw cards first, then move about the table in a clockwise fashion. A person can’t see what the new cards are until they have discarded their old cards.

If the Scrabble purists don’t like the redraw rule, your group can chooose to not use the redraw rule.

Build Scrabble Words

Building the highest scoring word you can build with the seven letter cards in your hand. Some cards will not have a letter on them, but be a modifier or multiplier like the triple word scores in Scrabble. Apply whatever multipliers you play from the cards in your hand.

Going from the left of the dealer, each player reveals their word. The person with the highest word wins the round. Have the scorekeeper tally the scores of your first hand.

Repeat Until a Winner is Declared

There are three ways to keep score or set the limits for the game of Scrabble Cards: time limit, score limit or number of hands. When you have a time limit, you simply keep playing hands until the agreed-upon time limit is over. Whoever is ahead at the end of this time wins.

In the scoring limits rules, you simply set a point value as the winning point value. Whenever someone surpasses that point value, the game ends after that hand and the person with the highest overall score wins the game.

With the hand limit rule in place, all you do is play until the set number of hands are played. Whoever is ahead at after the hand limit is reaches will win the game.

How You Play Scrabble Cards

That’s pretty much how to play Scrabble Cards. To win this word game, you’re going to need the same skills that you needed with classic Scrabble: vocabulary, word skills and the ability to add up a word score being the major ones. Most of the standard rules of Scrabble will apply, such as consulting an official word list or dictionary, in case of a dispute.

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