How to Cheat at Scrabble

The term "Scrabble Cheats" comes with many different meanings, from Scrabble cheat words and scrabble anagrams to how-to cheat at Scrabble advice.

I wouldn't seriously write a page about how to cheat at Scrabble. But you will find terms like "cheat Scrabble" and "Scrabble cheats" all over the Internet. Here are a few ideas associated with the term.

How to Cheat At Scrabble

You'll occasionally find a site or webpage that tells you how to cheat at Scrabble. These are almost always done facetiously. Some of the tongue-in-cheek SCRABBLE advice includes writing your own fake scrabble dictionary, writing your own fake Scrabble dictionary web site, having two tile bags (one with "good" letters for you and one with "bad" letters for your opponent), palming letters to save them for later and even acting as the scorekeeper and then fudging the scores.

Scrabble CheatThis site, of course, does not condone any of these practices, though they are funny to think about. I have at least one friend I don't think I would let keep score while I played Scrabble against him. Otherwise, he's a great guy.

Scrabble Anagrams and Cheats

Scrabble Cheat often means a software program which helps players find the best word combinations when playing online SCRABBLE. Enter the letters from your rack onto the Scrabble Cheat software and it will retrieve all the possible word combinations which come from those letter tiles.

Choose Your Scrabble Dictionary

Many Scrabble cheats offer a choice of Scrabble dictionaries, such as TWL98, TWL06, OSPD2, OSPD4 or SOWPODS. You simply enter in your favorite Scrabble dictionary and look up the words which correspond with your letters.

Scrabble Helper

Essentially, the Scrabble Cheat is another name for a Scrabble Helper. (See the Scrabble Help link in the left column of this page.) This is software which helps online Scrabble players hints and tips for their next played word on the Scrabble board. Because many SCRABBLE purists feel that Scrabble playing computer advice defeats the purpose of Scrabble, these software programs are often called Scrabble cheats.

Other Names For Scrabble Cheat

Scrabble Cheat and Scrabble Helper are just two of the terms used to describe Scrabble word software. Other names Scrabble players might find associated with Scrabble help software programs are Scrabble advice, Scrabble cheats, Scrabble word finder, Scrabble search results and Scrabble anagrams. Each of these in one way or another describes the kind of online software or online website which helps scrabble players in a bind during a word game.

Scrabble Cheat

The term "scrabble cheat" had to be invented by a word game old-timer. It has such a pejorative term. Many Scrabble players would argue that using software to come up with Scrabble words to play online isn't much different than the tactics described in my "how to cheat at Scrabble" list. I don't know that I would go that far, though I also wouldn't care to play with someone that I knew was using such a scrabble word tool.

That being said, Scrabble cheats are a good way for kids and newcomers to learn the game. It helps a player visualize all the combinations available on any given turn, so that it could help open a new SCRABBLE player's mind to the word game possibilities. Unfortunately, it's a reality of online Scrabble that players might have to put up with the occasional Scrabble cheat software.

Even with a list of Scrabble words to play, though, a scrabble player still has to take the word and fit it onto a Scrabble board in the most strategic way possible. There is so much more to Scrabble than simply having a word to play, especially when playing Scrabble online in a timed situation. Online Scrabble becomes a game of quick decisions and quick countermoves. So having the right word doesn't necessarily mean you're going to play that word at the right time. In fact, you could be setting your opponent with your Scrabble cheats.

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