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Free Scrabble games can be found at a number of websites online, often with free Scrabble downloads.

You'll find Free Scrabble all over the Internet. There's no telling how many SCRABBLE sites are out there. Scrabble sites fall into two categories, those which offer Scrabble games against humans and those which offer Scrabble versus computer software. Some sites offer both.

Most people might enjoy playing free Scrabble against a computer for a little while, but they'll eventually migrate to the Scrabble sites with human opponents and ranked matches. There's only so much fun competing against a computer Scrabble opponent.

Free Trial Offers of SCRABBLE

Free ScrabbleMany sites will offer free trials of Scrabble, but offer unlimited Scrabble software at a price. Other sites have a basic Scrabble level for free, but have advanced or complete Scrabble packages, often for around $20 as a one-time fee. Often, these sites only offer downloadable software with computer opponents. So if you want truly free Scrabble against human opponents, your options will be somewhat more limited.

Here's a range of options for you to consider.

Planet Oz Kids

PlanetOzKids has all kinds of games for kids, including Scrabble. On Planet Oz, you can play against either human opponents or the computer AI. Planet Oz uses the 4th Editon of The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary, so parents will know that their kids won't be exposed to inappropriate Scrabble words.

As you might expect with a Kids Scrabble site, Planet Oz Scrabble offers hints and the best play tips. There are four types of Scrabble available on Planet Oz Kids.


Shockwave offers both player-vs-player and player-vs-computer Scrabble games for free. Shockwave SCRABBLE offers features such as The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary in online form and helpful Hints and Best Play options. Obviously, serious players don't have to use these tools.

Shockwave offers the chance to play against one of eight different computer opponents, for various levels of difficulty. If you prefer living opponents, you can play in games including 2 to 4 players, just like brick-and-mortar Scrabble.

Shockwave offers an entire range of online word games, such as Crosswords, Word Roundup, WordJong and Flip Words.

Games 2 Download

Games2Download offers free Scrabble downloads. This SCRABBLE download comes in a 6MB file. The free version of Scrabble offers multiple levels of difficulty, though the site doesn't support PVP Scrabble.

Games2Download offers a full version of Scrabble for $19.99. The Full Version of Scrabble has eight skill levels, a hint feature and an unlimited playtime.

Download Free Games

DownloadFreeGames is another site that offers free trial versions of Scrabble. Anyone using Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista can play Scrabble on the site. The full version costs $19.82.

Choco Snow

Choco Snow has free Scrabble downloads, too. You can play Classic Scrabble or Scrabble Blitz. SCRABBLE Blitz requires the player to race against a clock, coming up with words under pressure. It's perfect practice for the rated games on Scrabulous, as most serious Scrabulous games are timed.

Free Scrabble Opinion

I don't want to sound like I'm shilling for just one site, but if you want to play serious free Scrabble, you might as well go to Scrabulous. Scrabulous really is tops in the free online Scrabble business, so there's no reason pretending it isn't.

If you're a kid who's shy of playing against a lot of over-competitive adult SCRABBLE players, give Planet Oz Kids a chance. You can play against other human opponents for free. These opponents are presumably kids like yourself.

If you don't want to deal with the beating that sometimes comes with temperamental online players or trolls, then take a look at Download Free Games, Choco Snow, Games 2 Download or Shockwave.


Update - Hasbro sued Scrabulous for infringing on their trademark, so Scrabulous is no longer available.

The best place to play Scrabble online for free is at Scrabulous. At Scrabulous, registration is free and all games are free. Within 5 to 10 minutes of sign up, you can be playing a game of online Scrabble for a Scrabble rating.

There are other options, too. You can play Practice Games of Scrabble or play in the Computer Mode version.

For those who enjoy quick games of Scrabble, there's a Scrabble variant called Scrabulous Blitz. For those who don't have the time to sit around all evening playing Scrabble, you can find players who prefer play-by-email Scrabble.

Scrabulous offers its own Scrabulous dictionaries of accepted words. For those new to the game or those who want to improve their game, Scrabulous offers video lectures from SCRABBLE experts.

You can also visit the official Scrabulous blog, look up the stats for the rated Scrabulous players or look through the profiles of all players.

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