Mac Scrabble

Users of Macintosh can now play Mac Scrabble on their Apple computers. 

Mac Scrabble is a Scrabble game designed specifically for MacIntosh computers. This game is found on sites like GameSpot, so that users of Apple Macintosh computers and operating systems can play Scrabble online. You can buy and download the Scrabble Mac Game at Mac Game Store.

MacScrabble has four different game versions you can play with friends and family. It also offers game against a computer opponent with four various levels of competition. Of course, the best Scrabble is played against other people, and these three variant games are all interesting departures from Classic Scrabble. The four game variants are classic SCRABBLE, Duplicate Scrabble, Prepared or Bingo Scrabble and Belgian Scrabble.

Classic Scrabble

Scrabble MacThis option on Mac Scrabble is the classic scrabble board game translated to computer form. It's exactly like the Scrabble boardgame everyone played as children. Most people will play Scrabble classic on Mac Scrabble, of course, but there are three other options.

Duplicate Scrabble Game

This Scrabble variant is meant to show pure wordsmithing ability for all contestants. All players are given the same rack of Scrabble tiles on each turn.

Each Scrabble player is given the opportunity to play to the same board with the same letters. Only the highest scoring play stays on the board for the next round. The unused letters from that player's rack remain on everyone's rack, and new letters are chosen to complete the rack.

Once again, all players will play a word. This will continue until the Scrabble game is over.

This eliminates the common complaint by Scrabble players in games of 3 or 4 players that an opponent won because a lesser player to their right kept setting them up. No one player will be set up in a better or worse position than any other. In fact, if you play the best word, you'll be setting yourself up.

Prepared Duplicate Scrabble

The Prepared Scrabble game has rules very similar to Duplicate Scrabble, with one major exception. In this version, the rack on every turn has the letters to make up a 7-letter Scrabble word. This means the possibility for a Scrabble bingo and the attendant 50 -point bonus occurs on every single turn.

Belgian Scrabble

Belgian Scrabble is also quite similar to Duplicate Scrabble. The only different is that a blank tile is placed on every rack in Belgian Scrabble. I'm still not sure why this game is called Belgian Scrabble, but I continue to search for the answer.

Player Versus Computer

You can also play one-player Scrabble games on Mac Scrabble. You can choose from one of four different difficulty levels on Scrabble Mac: the beginner, the intermediate, the expert and the champ level.

Beginner is said to play at 70% of the computer's Scrabble skill level. Intermediate is played at 80%, while expert is played at 95%. The champion level of MAC Scrabble is played at maximum skill capacity for the computer.

The champ Mac Scrabble level is a virtually impossible opponent. If you want an extremely challenging Scrabble challenge, get Mac Scrabble and play the champ Scrabble a.i.

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