Online Scrabble

Places you can play Scrabble online. Includes options for email Scrabble, multi-player Scrabble software and Internet Scrabble forums.

The Internet Scrabble Club

The Internet Scrabble Club has live online Scrabble 24-hours a day. The site supports games in English, French, Italian, Dutch and Romanian. At any given time, there are between 5,000 and 10,000 players online.

The Pixie Pit

The Pixie Pit has a robust Scrabble community. This site lets you play Scrabble in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Greek and even Latin. The Pixie Pit has options for 2-player, 3-player and 4-player games. PixiePit also offers Super Scrabble Games, which is played on a 21x21 board instead of the usual 15x15 Scrabble board.

The games on Pixie Pit are via email. The site has seven different Word Finder dictionaries which you can use, including OSPD 2, OSPD 3, OSPD 4, OWL 1, OWL 2, SOWPODS and the CWS or Collins Tournament and Club Word List.

Pixie Pit is available using Windows, Linux, OS X and Solaris software. There is a $10 yearly fee to play on pixiepit.

The Man In Blue

The Man In Blue doesn't have competitive Scrabble. If you want a quick place to brush up on your Scrabble online skills, though, you can play an instant free game of Solitaire Scrabble without needing downloads. Page one of themaninblue takes you to a Scrabble board where you start playing immediately.

The Game House

Update - When we checked the site in March 2014, the game was no longer available.

The Game House offers a classic Scrabble online. Players can buy the download for endless online Scrabble. You'll need Windows98 or better to play on Gamehouse. While you're there, you might find other word games you enjoy. Game House has a large selection of online games.


Update - Scrabulous had to shut down a few years ago because Hasbro sued them for trademark infringement. The information below is outdated, but I like to keep an archive of stuff like this for historical purposes.

Internet Scrabble GamesScrabulous is the premier place for online Scrabble. You can play practice games, you can play in the computer mode or you can play for ratings points. Besides the online Scrabble software, Scrabulous offers members the ability to organize Scrabble games by email. Scrabulous also has Scrabulous Blitz.

Scrabulous offers Solitaire Scrabble and Strategy Scrabble. Strategy Scrabble has one important rule change from Classic Scrabble. In Strategy Scrabble, both players can see the tiles on their opponent's rack. This reduces the luck factor in Scrabble, while opening a whole new plane of strategy.

Scrabulous is a free site.


Update - apparently no longer offers Scrabble Blast. is a top games site for all kinds of Internet games. currently has Scrabble Blast, which is among its Top 10 most popular games.

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