Scrabble Websites - The official Scrabble website by Hasbro.

Bols Board Games - A Scrabble word finder, online dictionary, and information site.

Wikipedia Scrabble - The Wikipedia main article on Scrabble. I'm always leery of recommending Wikipedia articles, because they can be edited by anyone at any time, but this one's not bad. At least not at the time of this writing.

Dmoz Scrabble - The Open Directory Project or DMOZ category page for Scrabble sites. You'll find a pretty nice selection of sites with unique content related to the game here.

Association of British Scrabble Players - A British Scrabble federation.

The Scrabble Rack - Offers a Scrabble word checker, a Scrabble word finder and a list of 2-letter and 3-letter Scrabble words.

The Pixie Pit - A U.K. based online site for play-by-email Scrabble players. Has over 1,000 members.

Scrabble on Facebok - Every word counts, according to their official Facebook page.

Lexulous - Online game that's VERY similar to Scrabble.

Cross Tables - Dedicated to competitive Scrabble.

Sam Timer - Sells digital timers, tile bags, and other paraphenalia.

Other Sites and Other Games

Games in the Best of the Web Directory - A professionally edited directory of links to game websites on the Internet. Their editorial standards seem to be a little lower than some other Web directories', but they still have higher standards than most.

Games in the Open Directory - A volunteer-edited listing of links to various game websites and pages. The main criterion for inclusion in this directory is unique content. In other words, if a site has a bunch of re-hashed content that's available in a lot of other places, then it doesn't get listed here.

Games in the Yahoo Directory - A directory of links to sites about games of all types. The websites included in the Yahoo directory are listed by professional editors, who get paid to maintain high editorial standards.

Skill Games - This is a commercial site, and it's obvious that their goal is to make money from referral fees and affiliate commissions. That being said, it does provide some great information about specific games in this niche as well as the sites where you can play them.

Board Games

Board Games in the Yahoo Directory - Listings of 500+ websites about various board games, selected by a team of professional editors. Getting listed in the Yahoo Directory isn't cheap, so these people are clearly serious about their sites.

Days of Wonder - One of my favorite board game publishers. Their Shadows of Camelot is the best cooperative board game I've ever played, and Ticket to Ride has offered my kids and me countless hours of entertainment.

Fantasy Flight Games - These guys publish so many board games that it's hard to know which ones to mention first. They're probably best known for Arkham Horror, but they also publish board games and card games based on George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Pursuing Trivia - A website about the various editions of Trivial Pursuit. The site also takes a look at some other trivia games and other subjects related to trivia games in general.

Arkham Horror Fan - A fan site for the horror themed board game that takes its inspiration from the works of HP Lovecraft.

Card Games

Card Game Reviews - Focuses mostly on unusual, unique card games. Very little information about collectible card games or traditional card games here, but great information about unique commercial card games.

Pagat - The granddaddy of card game websites, with information about any variant of card games that you could think of, especially if it's played with a standard deck of cards.


Armchair Gamer - A well-written and well-designed blog about roleplaying games hosted on

Chaosium - They were the original publishers of Runequest, but they're probably now best known for Call of Cthulhu. It's an old company, but their products are great and deserve your support.

The Design Mechanism - Publishers of the new 6th edition of Runequest, which is possibly one of the best editions of them all. It's faithful to earlier versions while maintaining modern standards of playability. The new version of Runequest is an impressive effort, and I'm looking forward to seeing future publications from their company.

DriveThruRPG - They offer a staggering number of roleplaying games and supplements for sale in PDF format.

Goodman Games - They used to publish old-school style adventure modules for Dungeons and Dragons, but now they publish their own roleplaying game, Dungeon Crawl Classics, along with supplements for it. They publish Call of Cthulhu materials, too.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group is one of my favorite RPG publishers. They're responsible for Savage Worlds, which is a generic RPG with plenty of setting material available for it. More importantly, they're the creators of the genre-mashing roleplaying game Deadlands, which combines the horror, steampunk, and Western genres to great effect.

Sarah Newton Writer - Like many RPG bloggers, she writes about a wide variety of subjects besides RPGs. I enjoy her old-school typewriter-style font that she uses on her site.

Superhero Roleplaying Games - An overview of tabletop superhero rpg's, especially Champions and Mutants and Masterminds. This is actually another site of mine, but I haven't expanded it to the size that it should really be. I will eventually cover at least another dozen superhero rpg's there. - The biggest and best website about traditional roleplaying games on the Internet. The forum is especially good there, and any of the columns actually written by Shannon Applecline are also worth reading.

Troll in the Corner - A really great blog that covers the traditional RPG scene, but it covers a lot more than just that. Chock full of thoughtful opinions and interesting ideas.


American Style Darts - Features rules and scoring, a list of resources, and a free baseball darts game you can play online. The news section is in the format of a darts blog. They also feature a cool catalog with all kinds of neat dart supplies you can buy.

Fantasy Football Tips - This is my friend John's site about fantasy football. He plays fantasy football and knows more about it than anyone else I know. He has plans to update it every year with the latest information.

USA Pool Halls - This was originally going to be a directory of places to play billiards throughout the United States, but it turned into a repository for the rules of various billiards games.

Non-Game Sites

These are sites that are really good but don't really have anything to do with games. - Probably one of the most popular sites on the Web. I mean, heck, everyone has to eat, right? The site features recipes and great writing about food in all kinds of situations.

Cigarzine - A blog about smoking cigars and the cigar lifestyle.

No Credit Check - A blog by a couple of guys who've dealt with having bad credit or no credit. I'd imagine that a lot of board game, RPG, and other gaming enthusiasts could use information on the topics presented here.

Even though it's not about Scrabble per se, Communizine is a pretty awesome blog that's worth checking out. One of the multiple bloggers for that site occasionally writes game reviews.

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