V Words in Scrabble

Scrabble Terms Using V in Them

“V” is another of those Scrabble letters which present problems for newcomers to the game. If you’ve memorized the list of V words, though, the V becomes an opportunity to score big points.

Here are the lists of 3-letter, 4-letter, and 5-letter words containing the letter “v”, so you can capitalize the next time you have the good luck to draw a “V” from the tile pile.

3-Letter V-Words

You might be incredulous about some of these words, so I’ll point out a few here and there as you go through these lists. “Dev” is a word for a type of Hindu deity, divine being, or even king. “Guv” is a British term for governor, a shortened form of “guvnor”. “Tav” is the 23rd letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

V Words in ScrabblePlayers less familiar with the Official Scrabble Dictionary books are occasionally going to get bent out of shape about you using Hindi words and Hebrew words, but these appear on most official Scrabble lists for English-language games. I’ve had people complain about Japanese words like “sake” and “manga” before, but when a word is so common that a sizable part of the English-speaking peoples have a pretty good chance of knowing what a foreign word refers to, it deserves to be on a Scrabble word list. Certainly, if “tav” is considered an English word, then manga should be.

  • D-R – dev, guv, lav, lev, luv, tav, rev
  • V - vac, van, var, vas, vat, vau, vav, vaw, vie, vim, veg, vex, vet, via, vid, vis, vig, voe, vow, vox, vug,

4-Letter V Words

The few 4-letter V-words that don’t start with a “v” are particularly valuable, because you’ll be trying to place a vee onto a word that’s already on the board (almost all of the time).

  • P-S – perv, shiv, spiv
  • VA – vacs, vail, vain, vair, vale, vamp, vane, vang, vary, vasa, vase, vast, vaus, vavs, vaws, vatu, vagi, vail
  • VE – veal, veep, veer, vees, vein, veld, vend, vera, vert, very, vest, vext
  • VI – vial, vibe, vice, vide, vied, vier, vies, view, viga, vigs, vile, vims, vina, vine, viny, viol, vino, visa, viva, vise, vive
  • VO – void, vole, vote, vows, voes, volt
  • VR-VU – vrow, vums, vugg, vugh, vugs

Use the word “vrow” sometime in a game and see how that flies with your opponents. A “Vrow” is word for a Dutch woman. I’ve seen it used in a book describing the Boer War, so I’m assuming the word is also used for Dutch-descent Afrikaaners.

5-Letter V Words

The words in this list may not be in strict alphabetical order, so I apologize. I was transcribing them from a much longer list of V-words, but at least you know I’m not copying and pasting these from just anywhere. “Ganev” is a Yiddish word meaning “an unscrupulous opportunist who stoops to sharp practice” (also spelled “ganef”), while “schav” is a Yiddish word (from a similar Polish word) which describes a “chilled soup made with sorrel, onions, lemon juice, eggs, and sugar–served with sour cream.”

  • G-S – ganev, schav
  • VAC-VAM – vacua, vague, vagus, vails, vairs, vakil, vales, valet, valor, valse, value, valve, vamps, vampy
  • VAN-VAU – vaned, vanes, vangs, vapid, vapor, varas, varia, varix, varna, varve, vasal, vasts, vasty, vatic, vatus, vault, vaunt
  • VEA-VEL – veals, vealy, veeps, veers, veery, vegan, veges, veins, veiny, velds, veldt, velum
  • VEN-VEX – venae, venal, vends, venge, venin, verbs, verso, verts, vertu, verve, vesta, vests, vetch, vexed, vexer, vexes, vexil
  • VIA-VIM – vials, viand, vibes, viced, video, viers, viewy, vigas, vigia, vigil, vigor, viler, vills, vimen
  • VIN-VIZ – vinal, vinas, vinca, vined, vines, vinic, vinos, vinyl, viols, viper, vires, virus, visas, vised, vises, visor, vista, vivas, vivid, vizir, vizor
  • VOC-VOM – vocab, vocal, voces, vodka, vodou, vodun, vogie, vogue, voice, voled, voles, volta, volte, volti, volts, volva, vomer
  • VOT-VOW – voted, votes, vouch, vowed, vowel, vower
  • VRO-VYI – vrouw, vrows, vuggs, vuggy, vughs, vulgo, vulva, vying

Words with Multiple Vs

Sometimes you’ll find yourself with two V’s on your rack. When that happens, it’s good to have in your head the short list of words that have two Vs. Here’s that list.

  • Vav, Vavs, Viva, Vive, Civvy, Divvy, Navvy, Savvy, Valve, Varve, Verve, Vivas, Volva, Vulva

Playing V’s in Scrabble

If you can commit just the 2-letter and 3-letter v-words to memory, you’ll become a better Scrabble player from that knowledge alone. If you get serious about your Scrabble playing and decide to memorize the longer lists of 4-letter and 5-letter words for the less used letters in the English language, you’ll become an intermediate to advanced opponent who can give most serious players a challenge.

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