Vowel Dumps in Scrabble

Scrabble Vowel Dumps

The easiest way to lose a round of Scrabble is to get stuck with tiles that you can’t place. Most of the time, having a buildup of tiles is due to one of two things–having a small Scrabble vocabulary or having too many vowel tiles on your rack.

There are one hundred tiles in the game of Scrabble–ninety-eight letter tiles and two blank tiles. Since forty-two of these tiles are vowels, about 45% of the tiles in the game are vowels. This high percentage of vowels means it is common to have a huge number of vowels and very few consonants on your rack. When this happens, it is time to perform a Scrabble vowel dump.

What Are Scrabble Vowel Dumps?

If you find yourself saddled with too many vowels and need to get rid of them, knowing Scrabble vowel dump words is the best way to do it. These words have multiple vowels and can really put a dent in the number of vowels on your rack.

Examples of Scrabble Vowel Dumps

Many of the words used as vowel dumps are uncommon words that you just have to memorize. For example, the word “aecia” is a great way to get rid of four vowels and only one consonant, but it is not a common word. “Aecia” refers to a specific organic structure, a type of fungus shaped like a cup. Knowing this word means one of two things–either you’re a biologist or a Scrabble enthusiast who knows his vowel dumps.

Two Letter Vowel Dumps

Learn the following words to increase your Scrabble skills and dump vowels quickly. All five of these words are Scrabble legal and are used by top Scrabble players to dump vowels.

  • AA
  • AE
  • AI
  • OE
  • OI

Four Letter Vowel Dumps

When you need a longer word, or when you need to dump more vowels, try any of these four letter vowel dumps, legal for Scrabble tournament play and super useful when you have one too many A or E tiles.

  • AEON
  • AERO
  • AGEE
  • AGIO
  • AGUE
  • AIDE
  • AJEE
  • AKEE
  • ALAE
  • ALEE
  • ALOE
  • AMIA
  • AMIE
  • ANOA
  • AQUA
  • AREA
  • ARIA
  • ASEA
  • AURA
  • AUTO
  • AWEE
  • BEAU
  • CIAO
  • EASE
  • EAUX
  • EAVE
  • EIDE
  • EMEU
  • EPEE
  • ETUI
  • EURO
  • IDEA
  • ILEA
  • ILIA
  • INIA
  • IOTA
  • IXIA
  • JIAO
  • LIEU
  • LUAU
  • MEOU
  • MOUE
  • NAOI
  • OBIA
  • OBOE
  • ODEA
  • OGEE
  • OHIA
  • OLEA
  • OLEO
  • OLIO
  • OOZE
  • OUZO
  • QUAI
  • RAIA
  • ROUE
  • TOEA
  • UNAI
  • UNAU
  • UREA
  • UVEA
  • ZOEA

Multiple “I” Vowel Dumps

The most difficult vowel to use in Scrabble is “I.” For that reason, lists of vowel dumps using multiple Is have popped up all over the place. Here is a nice long list of multiple-I vowel dumps.

  • BIDI
  • HILI
  • IBIS
  • ILIA
  • IMID
  • IMPI
  • INIA
  • INTI
  • IRID
  • IRIS
  • IWIS
  • IXIA
  • KIWI
  • LIRI
  • MIDI
  • MINI
  • MIRI
  • NIDI
  • NISI
  • PIKI
  • PILI
  • TIKI
  • TIPI
  • TITI
  • ZITI

Scrabble Vowel DumpsScrabble vowel dumps are like any special Scrabble move–they require rote memorization and the proper play situation to use. The next time you have a few too many vowels on your letter rack, you’ll remember that vowel dumps exist and curse yourself for not learning them.

There are plenty more vowel dumps where the ones above came from–even five letter vowel dumps exist. You can find lists of vowel dumps online or (if you’re more of a Do It Yourself type person) make your own list for memorization.

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