X Words in Scrabble

Scrabble Word Lists Contain the Letter X

Anyone who has ever played Scrabble knows the “x” can be a troublesome tile to possess, especially in an endgame scenario. While there are worse letters to possess, the high score value of the “X” should encourage you to learn the best x-words to play in the high-scoring spaces of the board.

Below is a list of the words you’ll want to memorize to become an effective Scrabble player with the letter x. I suggest learning the two and three letter words first, then move on to the four-letter words with x, and finally the 5-letter words with x. Numbers dictate that the smaller words are going to be more useful in more situations, so you learn them first. Many new Scrabble players, , overlooking that simple fact, focus too much on the bigger words.

Words with X – Scrabble Two-Letter Words

X Words in ScrabbleAs I go through this list, I’ll add in a few defintions of interesting words that people aren’t immediately going to know–unless they are more well-read or better-travelled than I am (a real possibility). A “xu” is a minor unit of Vietnamese currency. A “xi” is both a Greek letter and the name of a type of barion in particle physics.

  • ax, ex, ox, xi, xu

X-Words – Three-Letter Scrabble Words

“Kex” refers to a certain type of hollow-stemmed umbelliferous plants, or the stalks of such plants. “Dex” is a slang term for Dextroamphetamine. “Gox” is an abbreviation in rocketry which means “gaseous oxygen”, while “lox” is a similar term meaning “liquid oxygen”. I believe these have been used enough that they are considered real words, and not just abbreviations anymore (such as “scuba”, “laser”, or “radar”).

  • axe, box, cox, dex, fax, fix, fox, gox, hex, kex, lax, lex, lox, lux, max, mix, nix, oxo, oxy, pax, pix, pox, pyx, rax, rex, sax, sex, six, sox, tax, tux, vex, vox, wax, xis, zax

X – 4-Letter Scrabble Words

When you start to look over this word list, you’ll probably recognize more than half of them. That’s one reason it’s good to look over word lists before playing Scrabble, because it refreshes what you know as much as it exposes you to new words. Sure, you might learn words like “ixia”, “moxa”, or “falx”, but you’re more likely to remember more of the everyday words like apex or crux, or the alternate spelling of words like mixt and vext.

  • A – apex, axal, axed, axel, axes, axil, axis, axle, axon
  • B-D – boxy, brux, calx, coax, coxa, crux, dexy, doux, doxy
  • E – eaux, exam, exec, exed, exes, exit, exon, expo
  • F – falx, faux, fixt, flax, flex, flux, foxy
  • H-I – hoax, ibex, ilex, ixia
  • J-L – jeux, jinx, luxe, lynx
  • M-N – maxi, minx, mixt, moxa, next, nixe, nixy
  • O – onyx, oryx, oxen, oxes, oxid, oxim
  • P – pixy, plex, poxy, prex
  • R-S – roux, sext, sexy
  • T – taxa, taxi, text
  • V-X – vext, waxy, xyst

The Letter X – 5 Letter Scrabble Words

  • A – addax, admix, affix, annex, ataxy, auxin, axels, axial, axile, axils, axing, axiom, axion, axite, axled, axles, axman, axmen, axone, axons
  • B – beaux, bemix, borax, boxed, boxer, boxes, braxy, buxom
  • C – calix, calyx, carex, cimex, codex, comix, coxae, coxal, coxed, coxes, culex, cylix
  • D – deoxy, desex, detox, dewax, dexes, dexie, dixit, doxie
  • E – epoxy, exact, exalt, exams, excel, execs, exert, exile, exine, exing, exist, exits, exons, expat, expel, expos, extol, extra, exude, exult, exurb
  • F – faxed, faxes, fedex, fixed, fixer, fixes, fixit, flaxy, foxed, foxes
  • G – galax, goxes
  • H – hapax, helix, hexad, hexed, hexer, hexes, hexyl, hyrax
  • I – immix, index, infix, ixias, ixora, ixtle
  • K – kexes, kylix
  • L – latex, laxer, laxes, laxly, lexes, lexis, loxed, loxes, lurex, luxes
  • M – maxed, maxes, maxim, maxis, mirex, mixed, mixer, mixes, mixup, moxas, moxie, murex
  • N – nexus, nixed, nixes, nixie
  • O – oxbow, oxeye, oxide, oxids, oxime, oxims, oxlip, oxter
  • P – paxes, phlox, pixel, pixes, pixie, poxed, poxes, prexy, proxy, pyrex, pyxes, pyxie, pyxis
  • R – radix, raxed, raxes, redox, redux, refix, relax, remex, remix, retax, rewax, rexes
  • S – saxes, sexed, sexes, sexto, sexts, silex, sixes, sixmo, sixte, sixth, sixty
  • T – taxed, taxer, taxes, taxis, taxol, taxon, taxus, telex, texas, texts, toxic, toxin, tuxes, twixt
  • U – unbox, unfix, unmix, unsex
  • V – varix, vexed, vexer, vexes, vexil, vixen
  • W – waxed, waxen, waxer, waxes
  • X – xebec, xenia, xenic, xenon, xeric, xerox, xerus, xylan, xylem, xylol, xylyl, xysti, xysts
  • Z – zaxes

Scrabble X-Words

As you can see, there are a lot of terms that use the letter x–probably a lot more than you might have guessed. Many scientific terms seem to gravitate towards the “X”, such as axons, helix, redox, taxon, or deoxy.

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